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In 1800 appears in the first Egyptian Ibis collections object. This is a mummy of Ibis offered by General Charles Daniel de Meuron. During the 19th century, the gifts of James Alexander and William of Pourtales Perregaux enrich the collectionst, gatekeeper of the temple of Mut at Karnak, accompanied by a tank and a sarcophagus lid dating all three of the 21st dynasty and from the Theban region. In 1894, the Khedive of Egypt offers to the Confederation several sarcophagi discovered in Bab el-Gasus in the second hiding place of Deir el-Bahari which contained 153 sarcophagi clergy of Amon. Four of them will be located in various Swiss museums: the Museum of Neuchâtel receives for this double sarcophagus of Nes-Mut.
The characteristic of the presence of this collection of Ancient egyptian antiquities dealer is intimately linked to the person of Gustave Jéquier which held a significant role in the institution's history. His gaze Egyptologist has allowed the development of a coherent set covering major historical periods of ancient Egypt, which, since 1926, kept his place in the permanent exhibition rooms on the ground floor of the Villa de Pury, and until 2012, the dismantling of facilities for the restoration of the building.
Our aim is to bring you quality ancient artefacts at affordable prices. Please note that all our antiquities have been acquired from legal sources on the open market. All come from old collections or have been circulating on the art market for decades or even centuries. So you can buy from us with confidence.
Please browse through our pages and if you see anything you like Ancient egyptian antiquities dealer , then please contact us to check availability.

From the middle of the 20th century, except for some donations, the acquisition of Egyptian antiquities is interrupted. The collection now includes 575 objects and is among the largest. for the classical cultures that thrived around the Mediterranean Sea is the basis for the passion and dedication with which we do our daily work: to care for the treasures that have been handed down to us from those distant eras.

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Ancient egyptian antiquities dealer

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